Hi I'm Declan

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Things I know

Python My go-to language for personal projects.
Javascript I've also worked with Typescript.
Scala Downside is that I now rely on IntelliJ.
HTML and CSS Ironic that the industry's tool of choice for UIs was originally designed for static content.
Git I've been complemented on my descriptive commit messages a grand total of once.
My limits and when to ask for help.

Things I've made

LaTeX rendering microservice Takes in LaTeX and spits out PDFs or images. Free to use, with a simple, documented API.
Digital Whiteboard As if there weren't enough of these already. Uses socket.io for real-time communication.
Franklin decides Quickly select a random nearby place to get food! Works best on mobile. Designed and built by a team of myself and five others for Unihack Sydney 2018, winning best user interface, and second place overall.
Discord Mathematics Bot A discord bots that preforms an array of mathematical functions. This ongoing project has taught me a lot about talking to users, as well as scaling deployments to meet demand.

Things I like

Designing and implementing programming languages
Property-based testing
Ethical work practices
Monads (monoids are alright too I guess)
Seeing my work improve people's lives
Peeking behind the curtain to see how things work

If you want to hire me

I've heard that nerd sniping me with new feature of a programming language is a good way to start. Use the links above to get in touch.